Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Sanctification of our work

Sacrifice is at the heart of love. Artists sacrifice a lot for their art. However, I am not sure if we sacrifice all that is needed to produce great and holy and complete art. There is a list of ways that artists suffer and sacrifice for their art...many of these ways being unhealthy.

However, we, as redeemed creatures through the blood of Christ, must still realize that our work needs daily sanctification as do we. True sacrifice and sanctification is received by dying daily, even hour by hour and minute by minute, to oneself. We must die to ourselves to begin to live. And so must our art. To make great art our work must die before it can truly live. For it to speak for us to get to the heart of the matter of the piece, we must let it go to God. We must sacrifice it and see what is truly borne out of this release. Once the piece has been released, then can it truly be free; once the piece has died, then can it truly live; once the piece has been sacrificed to God, then can it be resurrected.

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