Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Favorite Towns Part 2

I am so inspired by these towns...or maybe I am just nostalgic. Either way, here are some gems of towns that I find particularly interesting.


This wonderfully historic town is the first town on my new list. It is a river front town that boasts one of the great battles of the Revolutionary war (and civil war, funny enough). Quaint downtown, beautiful beaches and a lovely historic park makes this an excellent visit. It is also part of the historic triangle of Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown, Virginia.


Boca is a wealthy, fun and beautiful ocean-front town. It boasts canals, sandy beaches, extravagant houses and hotels and a fantastic mall. It is also close to Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I wouldn't miss a visit to Boca.


Frankenmuth is a fantastic town. You are driving through the pastures and farmland of Michigan and all of a sudden you find yourself in a Bavarian village. It has amazing hotels, great food (German food to boot) Mackinac Island fudge, places to play, covered bridges, and the Bronner's...the worlds largest Christmas store that has an exact replica of the church used in the penning of the song Silent Night and has a motto that they keep the Christ in Christmas as a CHRISTmas store.


I love Michigan City. You can walk out to the end of the famous Michigan City Lighthouse. It has some great restaurants, beautiful beaches along Lake Michigan, outlet malls, a casino that is a floating barge, a nuclear power plant and many other strange reasons to visit. Most people would not want this town on their list, but I think it is a blast of a place to spend a summer afternoon/early evening and be sure to catch the sunset on Lake Michigan.


North Conway is a gem on the outskirts of the White Mountains. It is down the street from Mount Washington and Story Land (A fantasy amusement park). It is an amazing New Hampshire winter wonderland. It has quaint stores, good food, river rafting and canoeing, hiking, skiing and beautiful bed and breakfasts and Inns. A great romantic getaway.


Cool, chic, posh, eclectic, ritzy. These are the words that remind me of West Hartford. The capital region is a beautiful part of Connecticut and I love everywhere around the Greater Hartford Area, but West Hartford and specifically West Hartford Center is a great place to visit. Great food, great shops, close to Boston and New York, down the road from mansions, mountains, rivers, cities, farmlands, Universities and everything else.


Summer homes owned by the Vanderbilts, Astors, and Biltmore's among others. Newport is rich with old money, opulence, New England fishing village charm, and a host of other activities that make this a top tourist destination. I would visit the mansions, have lunch and shopping down by the wharf, visit Fort Adams State Park and the other state park on the Southwest corner of Newport and finish it with a drive down Ocean Drive, one of the richest roads in the country.


A very small and quaint village in Northern Indiana Amish Country. Nappanee is special to me because I spent so much time working at the Round Barn Theatre (pictured above). It is a beautiful little town with specialty shops, a couple nice places to eat, Amish Acres Amish Historical site, Musical Theatre at the Round Barn, and it is close to a host of other beautiful northern Indiana towns.


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